About the Realty Shop

With our pioneer vision, The Realty Shop looks to redefine the traditional landscape by reimagining real estate careers worth having, lives worth living, and a customer experience worth sharing. Our mission is to be the one-stop resource for comprehensive real estate services in St. Louis and the surrounding areas while offering unwavering value and a 5-star customer experience. Unlike our competitors, The Realty Shop operates as a true team of award winning agents, experienced leadership, and expert sales and marketing professionals to provide each client with a unique and unmatched level of service.

“Our philosophy is all about real estate relationships first. Our mission is to redefine, restyle, and reimagine that landscape. It’s about adding innovation and knowledge that the market needs and that our clients deserve.”

- Amanda Alejandro

Through the tenacity and creative vision of founder Amanda Alejandro, The Realty Shop dares to do things differently. We differentiate ourselves based on the quality and comprehensive nature of the service we provide to our clients. We hire the best of the best in our industry and we nurture new real estate professionals with our unwavering focus on relationships, elite service, and industry expertise.

“I realized that we as realtor professionals needed to be better, and agents deserved better. We needed to be a company and offer what other companies say they offer, but typically fall short of. I wanted to work with more agents. To offer the training and time that these agents needed. Truly spending the one-on-one time and effort to make them successful entrepreneurs.” - Amanda Alejandro

The Realty Shop is truly a one-stop shop for real estate services, offering residential real estate, new construction, luxury home, short sales, commercial, multi-family, general contracting, interior design services, and so much more. With over 40 years of combined experience, we know the challenges that buyers and sellers may go through each step of the way, and we are ready and willing to help however we can.



    Our clients are our #1 priority. We know that today's customer expects what they want, when they want it, and we provide the highest quality service that stands out above the rest.
    The Realty Shop is an industry-leading TEAM that truly works together to support our clients, from award winning agents, and sales marketing experts to our dedicated transaction coordinator.
    Our team both utilizes and develops the latest technology to help find the right home, in the right neighborhood, at the right price.
    If we make a promise, we stand by our commitment to our brand and our clients. We are committed to providing expert service during AND after every step of the buying process.
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